Professional Employer Organization

The role of a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is Human Capital Management, quite simply, to make your life easier, and your business run well. Handling all of your human resources needs could take all of your time. Letting us handle your human resources needs lets you spend your time running your business. Your employees will hardly notice the transition, except that their boss is in a little better mood.

How can we do that? The PEO operates as a co-employer, sharing the responsibility and liability for employee management. By assuming these employment-related responsibilities, (including 401(k) plans, insurance programs, risk management, workers' compensation and payroll administration) the PEO allows the client company more time to focus and dedicate its time and resources to business profitability. The DL Agency has partnered with Premiere Technical Solutions to provide you with all of your PEO needs.


DL Agency has always been committed to ensuring the confidentiality of the information it receives. Recently, Congress enacted the Financial Services Modernization Act, which requires that certain companies, including insurance agencies, inform their customers how personal information is collected or disclosed. DL Agency maintains physical and electronic safeguards to protect the information we acquire, including restricting access about you to employees who need to know that information to provide you with products or to provide you with benefits or services we feel would be useful to our clients. We periodically review and test our systems to assess the strength of our security precautions.

Excluding those listed below, DL Agency will not transmit, share or sell customer data to any third party and will not use Customer data for any purpose outside of Customer's relationship to DL Agency. DL Agency may contact customers via email regarding important service announcements, and customers may opt-out of these announcements.

Customer data may be transmitted to the following DL Agency partners: