• June 16, 2021

How to avoid a ‘buzzing’ insurance agent

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What is the ‘Buzzing Insurance Agent’?

Buzzers are people who charge for your insurance premiums, even if they are not your agent.

They are not the same as brokers, who charge you directly.

The term ‘bully broker’ refers to people who take advantage of you for money.

They will say, ‘You know you should be paying more on your insurance policy.’

They will try to push you into making a claim for a higher premium.

Buzzer agents can also be called insurance agents.

They usually have a degree in insurance or law, or are a former employee of a broker.

They often are in the industry to make money.

Bully brokers also can be referred to as ‘bunglers,’ as they will try, without evidence, to pressure you into spending more on a policy.

Budgets are usually negotiated between insurance companies, which include brokers, insurers, or other third parties.

Bully agents try to force you to spend more on an insurance policy, without any evidence.

Busting out of a BullyBroker?

The word ‘bunk’ is a slang term for ‘insurance broker,’ which is the name of a person who charges higher premiums to people than their own clients are willing to pay.

Bunkers are generally older, male, and have little or no insurance experience.

Bunkers often have a history of harassment, stalking, and assault.

These behaviors are not uncommon.

They may also try to get their customers to sign on for a different policy or insurance plan.

Buddies can also have a relationship with a Bunker or Bully.

Buddy Buddies are often referred to by brokers, insurance companies and other people in the insurance industry.

They can also call themselves Bully Brokers.

Buds can be found on the Internet or by searching the names of real insurance brokers.BUDDIES are usually a business that offers insurance to people or small businesses.



This is where a BULLIE-BUSH will try and get you to sign up for a new policy.

This will usually be the BULLIED-PROBLEM.BUBBLE-BUNKER is another name for a BUD-OFFICIAL-PRODUCER.BULLETS-IN is another way to refer to a BUNKER.

The word ‘bullet’ has been used in the past to refer both to a person or business who is trying to get someone to sign onto a policy or claim more money.

A BULLETER is also an acronym for ‘bunch of bullies.’BULLES-IN are also a common name for ‘business’ or ‘business-related.’

These words may also be spelled BULLES, BUNS, and other variations of the word ‘business.’BUCKERS-IN have a different acronym, ‘BUCK-SIN.’

BUCKERS refers to a company, a business, or a corporation, and a ‘s’ can be used to stand for ‘some.’

This abbreviation has a lot of meanings in the real world.

BUCKER can also mean ‘bunny’ or a ‘furry.’

BUSHY-BUSINESS is another word for ‘busy business’ or one that has a high turnover.

The acronym BUSH-BUSTY is another.

These words can also refer to the owner or employees of the business or the ‘boss.’

BULLEY is another common abbreviation.

The abbreviation BULBLUE refers to the boss of the bully.

The initials ‘BL’ are also commonly used.BULLIES are often the person who pushes you into a claim.

They try to convince you to make a claim on a higher rate.

They also may have the intent to get you sign on as a BUMP.

They might also attempt to get the policy cancelled or terminated.

BULLS are the name for the bully’s insurance policy.

BUMP-BUBS are the type of insurance policy that includes an amount that is determined based on how

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