• June 20, 2021

‘No one’s gonna kill me’: Florida woman who claims her insurance company stole her life story

A Florida woman says she was charged with stealing her life insurance policy after claiming that she was fired after her company sued her for using “anabolic steroids” on her husband and son.

“I have not been able to work in my entire life and I have not even been able get a job.

And I had to sue my insurance company and my insurance companies to try and get the money back, and the only reason I was able to sue them is because I’m a woman,” Lisa Sallie, of Tampa, told Vice News.

And my son and I just want it back. “

My husband and I are still working hard to get this money back.

And my son and I just want it back.

I’m still not even sure how much money I’m going to get back.”

In December, Sallies husband filed a lawsuit against a Florida insurance agency after the company sued him for using anabolic steroids on his son and his former wife, and accused her of “perpetrating a fraud upon the state of Florida.”

She was fired for using a steroid in 2008 and accused of “intentionally misrepresenting the circumstances surrounding the injury to her son, and for failing to report her use of anabolic agents,” according to court records.

The case was later dismissed.

She claimed she was falsely fired, but the company filed a civil claim against her for wrongful termination in January.

Salli claims that after being fired from her job, she was “unable to earn money or meet bills,” and that she had to go back to work to pay her bills.

She claims that the insurance company claimed that she “was not entitled to be fired from an insurance policy,” but that she and her former husband had not properly informed her of her rights, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The woman said she had filed the lawsuit against the Florida Department of Insurance in February, but that the department “failed to provide her with any information regarding the claim, and has not responded to my requests for information.”

The Tampa Bay County State Attorney’s office is also investigating.

“The insurance agency claims the lawsuit was frivolous and filed by a disgruntled ex-employee who claimed he was fired from his job,” said Sallia’s attorney, Lisa Sattler.

“She has been through this process before.

Sallikers lawsuit was dismissed in December. “

But the state’s Department of Health and Human Services has not investigated this matter, so we are filing this lawsuit because the state failed to act on her claim.”

Sallikers lawsuit was dismissed in December.

She also said that she has received death threats, and that her ex-husband is a “violent, racist and homophobic misogynist who hates women and wants to hurt them.”

She said that while she is not blaming her ex, she “can’t accept that this is what it takes to be a human being and be able to stand up for myself and my family.”

Sattlers office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sattels attorney, Andrew Guevara, told the Tampa Tribune that “the state has failed to provide information to her.”

“She is not seeking any monetary compensation for the loss of her life or any other benefit that may have been lost as a result of her claim, nor is she seeking any financial damages from the insurance agency for the injury she sustained,” Guegara said.

“If she does seek compensation, the only thing that she is seeking is to receive an apology from the state. “

She is not demanding anything.” “

If she does seek compensation, the only thing that she is seeking is to receive an apology from the state.

She is not demanding anything.”

The Florida Department for Insurance declined to comment.

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