• July 12, 2021

Trump calls out insurance company for covering ‘a bunch of crazy, crazy’ ObamaCare customers

President Donald Trump is calling out a small insurance company, along with several other insurers, for charging more for ObamaCare coverage than usual.

The president, in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” called the insurer, Goosehead Insurance, a “phony company.”

“I am not sure where they get their figures from, but the premiums are way up,” Trump said.

Goosehead is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, which is an industry trade group.

Trump, who has criticized the health care law for being “too expensive” and for requiring too many costly features, has been calling for more competition in the insurance industry, and he has pushed for ObamaCare-compliant insurance policies to be made available to more people.

But the president also said he is open to negotiating with insurers to get better rates.

Trump said insurers should have to charge for ObamaCare features, like having to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, as well as other policies.

He also said that the ACA had not been very fair to consumers, and that the president should do something about it.

“I think the insurance companies have been doing their jobs.

They’ve been providing coverage.

And now they’re going to get some more money, but it’s too late,” Trump added.

“They’re going broke and they’re not going to fix it.

But the American people are going to pay a big price for that.”

Trump also said ObamaCare would be a disaster if ObamaCare did not get fixed.

“If you want to fix ObamaCare, it’s going to be a terrible mess,” Trump told the “Morning John” show.

“There’s going a big possibility that the insurance company that is supposed to be providing coverage will not be providing it.

So I’m going to start to negotiate with them.”

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