• August 2, 2021

Which insurance companies are most likely to drop insurance in 2017?

Most insurance companies will drop coverage for the majority of the people who have insurance under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new study by the Center for Public Integrity.

In 2016, for instance, more than 60 percent of insurance companies dropped coverage for people under the ACA, and more than half of those companies have since dropped coverage in 2017.

More than half, or 64 percent, of the companies that dropped coverage had coverage for more than 20 percent of their customers in 2017, according the study.

It’s unclear whether these companies dropped the coverage because the ACA was being enforced or because of other factors, including a rise in costs.

But most of the remaining companies, including UnitedHealth, are likely to end coverage by next year.

UnitedHealthCare, for example, said in a statement that it is ending its coverage in 2018.

The Kaiser Family Foundation also found that in 2018, 26 percent of the 30 largest employers that offer health insurance offered coverage for at least one year, a higher share than the previous year.

That is up from 21 percent in 2017 and 19 percent in 2016.

But it’s unclear how many companies will continue to offer coverage in the future.

For the 2017-18 fiscal year, the ACA requires employers to offer at least three months of coverage to all workers.

The remaining employers that continue to provide coverage for workers are the UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealth Care, and Aetna, according, the Kaiser Family Group.

Aeta said it will drop its coverage by the end of the year, although the company didn’t specify how many employees will lose coverage.

United’s plan offers health coverage to some of its employees, but only to some.

For most of its customers, it’s likely that only a small percentage of its workers will receive the coverage.

For some, it could even mean only a few hundred dollars.

The Affordable Care, or Obamacare, has forced companies to make significant changes to their policies and plans.

In 2020, for one, all employees and retirees will have to have health coverage by Jan. 1.

The company also made it harder to change employees’ health insurance status if they were not covered in the previous calendar year.

It also increased the premium for some plans, and limited how many people could purchase a policy.

In addition, it has prohibited the use of the word “insurance” in place of the words “insurer.”

That’s a change from years past, when insurance companies used the word insurer.

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