• August 5, 2021

How to build a $1M Westwood home with an electric fence

A couple who have spent the past five years building a $100,000 Westwood house with an electrified fence is ready to go live next month.

The couple, Andrew and Sarah Smith, are the first in a long line of people who have built a $2.5 million house with a fence on their property.

They had to buy a property in an old Victorian town, but they have found a way to build their own house without a lot of hassle, said Andrew Smith.

“The biggest challenge was actually getting the fence right,” he said.

“I had to put a lot more thought into it, and it just didn’t quite work.

It just took a while to get it right.”

The fence was originally installed in March last year, but was installed a few weeks later, because it wasn’t safe for Andrew to walk around his property in the middle of the night.

“We’ve just been working hard to make it work,” he explained.

The Smiths’ property has an average property value of $500,000, but the Smiths are not the only ones who have had to find a way around a fence to make their property affordable.

“In the early stages of the process, I would see people who had a house on a street, and would get quite annoyed when I would ask them how many bedrooms they had, and I would have to say, ‘No, we have one bedroom and one bathroom’,” Sarah Smith said.

The house is on a private lot and the family does not have the funds to buy or build a fence, so they’ve decided to build it on their own.

The fence is made from concrete, metal and a glass enclosure, which the Smith family hopes will last for a few more years.

They are also making the fence from scratch, with all the necessary tools and materials they need.

“It’s an expensive fence, but we have to do it ourselves,” Sarah Smith explained.

“That’s the thing we love about this.

We’ve been saving for this, and we’ve had to do this ourselves.

We’re making it ourselves.”

The couple hope to build the fence by November, and will then wait to sell the house until the property is sold for the fair market value.

Sarah Smith says the fence will last a few years.

(Supplied: Sarah Smith)The Smith family also bought a $250,000 home, and are now looking to move back to their home in the nearby town of Lismore.

“Our main aim is to keep this house here, and the house next door, so that when we go out we can do that,” Andrew Smith said, “so we’re really enjoying our new home.”

The Smith’s have put their two children to school, but are planning to move to their new home once the fence is up.

“They’re not the biggest ones, but you can see that they’ve got quite a few things in common, so we’re pretty happy with where they’re at,” Sarah said.

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