• August 16, 2021

Insurance company defends ObamaCare coverage, claims ObamaCare doesn’t cost them

Insurance companies argue the Affordable Care Act is a “cost-effective, cost-effective health care policy.”

The Hill reports: The Insurance Industry Association of America on Monday defended its ObamaCare plans, arguing that its plans are not subject to the individual mandate because they do not include a deductible.

The group said it does not provide coverage to anyone under age 50, and its plans do not cover preventive care, maternity care, prescription drugs, prescription and over-the-counter drugs and health insurance.

The association also pointed to its own research, which found that the plans it sells to people under age 60 do not cost them more than the individual market plans it sold to older adults.

But it said the plans have lower deductibles, and the companies are able to offer plans with lower premiums and lower co-payments than the government-sponsored plans.

“We have a number of factors to consider when it comes to how our plans are priced and how we cover our costs,” said Brian Burghart, the association’s executive vice president for government affairs.

“And we’re looking at our individual market to determine what our plans look like.”

But the association, which represents more than 200 insurers, said it would not release the cost estimates it uses to determine how much its plans cost.

“There is no doubt that the Affordable Health Care Act provides many benefits to consumers, including a reduction in the costs of insurance, lowering premiums, and expanding access to affordable health coverage,” Burghton said in a statement.

The House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on the law on Wednesday.

The legislation’s insurance marketplaces will be open to all people in the next two weeks.

President Donald Trump has promised that those who sign up for ObamaCare will be able to keep their current coverage if they choose to buy into the exchanges.

The president has also said that people will be required to buy a tax-credit insurance plan if they don’t want to buy ObamaCare’s individual mandate.

The Congressional Budget Office said in its first estimate that under the legislation, the cost of a plan that was sold in 2018 would be reduced by an average of $6,500.

The CBO said in September that the ACA would reduce the total cost of premiums by $4,800 for individuals, $3,400 for families, and $2,600 for small businesses.

A Congressional Budget Committee report last week estimated that the law would increase premiums by nearly $2.4 trillion over a decade.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Board is scheduled to release its own estimates of the law’s impact in June.

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