• August 20, 2021

The truth about the man who got away with stealing $10,000 worth of insurance

PAYCHX has come under fire for a number of reasons.

The company has been accused of providing cheap and often unreliable insurance coverage for companies, and it is also accused of misleading customers into signing up for insurance.

As well as being the latest example of the Australian insurance industry’s poor record, the story has also put a spotlight on the high-profile nature of the alleged scam.

The company, which also runs Centrelink and Medicare, says its policies cover a range of products and services, including health, dental, and life insurance.

But when customers apply for insurance, they are asked to complete a “buy-to-pay” application form, which asks them to identify themselves and provide some information about themselves.

The information provided in this form includes a unique numeric code which is then compared to other personal information on PAYCHTX’s website.

In some cases, the codes may match one another.

In other cases, they may not.

In one case, a customer could be told their number was in the wrong place, or that they did not have enough information to complete the buy-to pay application form.

In another, a person’s number could not be located because the application form was not completed correctly.

PayChX also said it would update its website in the future to make the data easier to find.

But some customers have called into question whether the information it provides on the form is accurate.

The details of the “Buy-to Pay” application are also different to what is required of those applying for Medicare, Centrelinks or other insurance policies.

“The person’s name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, birth date and date of birth,” the form says, “and other information you provide when signing up to receive your insurance coverage.”

PayChx claims it has no idea how many people are applying for the same policy.

“If the number of applications you have is the same, and you’ve been in contact with the person before, then they may be using the same number,” the company said in a statement.

But for some customers, this information was not enough to determine whether their numbers matched with PAYCHTs.

In February, a man in Melbourne, who was applying for Centrelocks Medicare, received an email from a customer.

The email had the details of a person who had applied for Medicare using the email address listed on PAYChX’s application form but had been unsuccessful.

The man wrote: “It’s my understanding that a lot of people use the same email address when they sign up to the Medicare plan.

Is this true?”

It’s unclear if the man actually did apply for Medicare but it was not until this month that the man was told that PAYCHx had been using his email address in its online system.

PayChix has been criticised for not informing customers of the issue.

In a statement, the company denied that it was aware of the problem, saying: “We have had customers who have contacted us with questions, and we are investigating this matter.”

“We’ve contacted our customers and asked them to take action to ensure they don’t use the wrong email address.”

PayChex, which is owned by the insurance industry body, Insurance Services Australia, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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