• September 21, 2021

How a homeowner’s insurance agency helps homeowners cover their property losses

Insurance agency Jones Insurance Agency is helping homeowners protect their homes from the damage caused by Hurricane Florence.

Jones is providing a home insurance policy to all homeowners who need it, even if they don’t own their home.

The policy covers any loss caused by a hurricane and any damage from rain and wind.

Jones says it is the first agency in the country to offer homeowners insurance policies on its own.

For most homeowners, there is no other option for protecting their home, said Jones CEO Paul Bowers. 

“If you have a flood, you’re in trouble, your roof is gone, you’ve lost your roof, or you’ve had damage to your home, we can help you,” he said.

According to the Jones website, its customers include commercial and industrial tenants, and individuals and families who have lost their homes in the past.

Jones has worked with several states to offer coverage, including New York, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, and Ohio.

The agency has been expanding its coverage to include more than 100 counties and cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Washington. 

It has also been helping homeowners with hurricane insurance through its Homeowner’s Emergency Insurance Program, which offers homeowners a choice of three options to protect against hurricane-related losses: home, car, or boat.

Homeowners can purchase a home or car insurance policy, which is designed for people who want to insure their home against flooding, flood damage, and other damages caused by hurricanes. 

Car insurance is also offered, and homeowners can choose a car policy or an SUV or truck policy, and they can choose between an emergency fund, or homeowners insurance fund, which has an additional 10% down. 

The policy is available for purchase online at www.jones.com, and the policy is free to buy, according to the company’s website.

Homeowner’s insurance also is offered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

Jones offers homeowners insurance through both the federal and state insurance programs, according a Jones spokeswoman. 

If you are considering a home mortgage or have questions about a property you own, call Jones at 800-222-2733 or visit www.jl.com/jones to schedule a free consultation.

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