• May 16, 2021

When L.I.I.’s Laker won the NBA title, it was a moment of national pride for the state of Illinois

A few days after the NBA championship game, the Laker faithful had their moment of pride.

The team won the title in the NBA Finals and went on to win two more titles, including one with a record of 6-11.

For the most part, the franchise hasn’t seen much success, but for the most recent championship, it felt good.

After the game, a group of Laker fans were celebrating with champagne, but this was something special.

The Laker brand has had a long history in Illinois.

The state has hosted its first NBA team since the franchise moved there in 1956, but Laker owner Lonzo Ball was the first to move to Los Angeles to pursue his NBA dreams.

He moved the franchise to L.A. and the franchise was given its first championship in 1962.

Now the franchise is poised to make history again in 2020.

Laker President Mike Dolce had a chance to talk to a group at the state Capitol this week to share his excitement for the team’s 2020 NBA season.

Dolce said he’s looking forward to having Laker players on the floor with him.

The group included his son, Josh, who will be an assistant coach with the Lakers.

They’re hoping that will be a boost for the L.L.

L brands brand.

Dolcce said there are two primary reasons why the Llans are excited about the 2020 season.

The first is the team has the best players in the league.

The second is the way they’ve got the brand on the court.

Dolcin said the brand will be very different this year.

“We’ve been trying to build a brand that is more positive and less negative,” Dolcces son said.

“So the way we’re going to build that brand, we’re not going to have the same players.

We think we can do that. “

And that’s going to be our goal.

We think we can do that.

So, that’s why we’re excited to have them here.”

Dolccce also said that this is a brand where the Laks will be competing with everyone else.

“It’s an amazing opportunity,” Dolce told the crowd.

“The Lakers have had a very long history here in Illinois, and we’re very proud of that history.”

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