• May 19, 2021

How much does it cost to buy a helicopter?

The cost of buying a helicopter is more than double the price of buying one in the UK and Ireland, according to a new report.

Helicopters in the EU are a bit like cars: the price goes up, and then the price drops.

But the new report from the National Helicopter Owners and Pilots Association (NHPA) suggests the price difference between buying a British helicopter and a French one is much more than £1,000. 

The NHPA says the cheapest helicopter in Europe is the Eurofighter Typhoon, but that doesn’t include the £9,000 purchase price for a British Eurofighter.

It says a Eurofighter costs between £8,500 and £9.50k and that a French Eurofighter cost £18,000 to buy.

The cost of a helicopter to buy in Europe and Ireland is a lot lower than the UK’s £8.50 per day average price, which is equivalent to £6,000 for the Eurostar.

The cheapest UK helicopter is the Typhoon, costing £4,900.

The NHPA says this is because of a combination of factors.

Firstly, helicopters have a much longer life expectancy than cars, meaning there is a greater risk of a collision.

The NHPA also says that aircraft are more expensive than they used to be, meaning a new helicopter is a more expensive proposition than a new car. 

Secondly, helicopter owners in Ireland are paying significantly more for a helicopter than those in the rest of the EU.

The cost per day of buying an Airbus A330 is currently £3,900, compared with the UK price of £3.50. 

For those in England, buying a Eurostar helicopter is around £2,000 per day, compared to £1.50 for a Eurocopter.

This means the NHPA’s report is very accurate, with the cost of purchasing a helicopter in England actually falling slightly over the past five years.

It says the average cost of the Typhoon is around €1.4m and the Eurocopters are €1m and €2.5m. 

However, there are a number of caveats to the NHPPA’s estimates. 

Firstly, the NHPs report does not include costs for maintenance or maintenance work, or the cost for repair of the helicopter. 

Its estimates do not include the cost to repair an Airbus aircraft, or any other aircraft, if there is damage to the aircraft. 

Another caveat is that NHPA estimates include the costs of repair work carried out by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. 

There are also costs for aircraft maintenance. 

These are a little more detailed than NHPA, but the NHpA does not give a specific breakdown of these costs. 

It’s important to note that the NHps report does consider the cost that is added by insurance companies and the cost per rotorcraft, but not the cost directly associated with the rotorcraft itself.

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