• May 23, 2021

What you need to know about Martin Insurance Agency

What you don’t need to be worried about with Martin Insurance agency, Martins insurer has a new look and a brand new name. 

It seems the agency has been under fire recently for its aggressive pricing practices.

Martin, a unit of American Home Products and a division of Anthem, has been criticized by consumer groups for the way it prices homeowners a variety of home insurance policies. 

The agency, which was created in 2013 by former Home Depot CEO John Stoehr, has made waves by charging high premiums on many homeowners policies with high deductibles and no limits on coverage. 

Since the start of 2017, the agency, known for its high rates, has increased its premiums on several home insurance products, including FICO, FICO Plus and FICO Home, to help offset the higher deductibles that some homeowners pay. 

In 2017, it started offering an affordable FICO+ plan with a low deductible and limited coverage.

But it also has been accused of hiking prices on other policies to help cover the increased costs of the agency. 

Martin recently announced a major overhaul to its policy offerings. 

“Martin will introduce a new, simplified, and fairer way to market to new customers,” the company said in a statement on Monday.

“We will now offer FICO-rated homeowners an even lower monthly premium with a lower monthly deductible.” 

It’s a good move for homeowners and it’s a welcome change from the previous model, but there are some big concerns with the changes, like a new name and a new pricing model that seems to take away from the company’s core business.

Here are some of the bigger concerns: “We are making changes to the way we charge for the Martin insurance product.

We are changing how we set rates and deductibles, and we will be adjusting the pricing to reflect the changes we have made,” the statement said.

“There are a number of changes to how we offer products, and many of these are in response to consumer feedback.”

The company said it is lowering the deductible for the next year, but it is still a huge jump from the current $1,000 deductible, which is more than double the $500 deductible for most homeowners. 

Also, it said it will no longer include an annual fee. 

This comes after a number people complained about the increase in their monthly premiums. 

According to the Martin Insurance Department, the average premium has increased by $500 over the past three years, to $1.2 million. 

For many, this means the monthly fee is higher than the amount they are already paying. 

And many other consumer groups are saying they don’t like the way Martin is charging consumers on these policies.

The agency says it’s making the change because of the increasing costs of medical expenses, which have risen significantly over the last few years. 

We will continue to adjust our pricing in an effort to keep our customers and our policyholders as happy as possible, the company added. 

If you or anyone you know needs help with any of these concerns, you can reach out to Martins customer service department by calling 800-532-4788. (h/t: CNN)

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