• May 23, 2021

“What’s wrong with you?” – CNN’s Jake Tapper

The CNN anchor said he didn’t think Trump was trying to make a joke, but he was “not happy” with the way he responded to a question about Trump’s claim that he lost millions of dollars in the 2016 election due to the Russian hacking of Democratic Party emails.

CNN’s senior political analyst Jake Taper said in a tweet that he thought the president’s response to the question was “disgusting.”

“What is wrong with the man who would call on Russian agents to hack into our elections and steal the votes of millions of Americans?”

Tapper asked on Monday, adding, “If he was trying, he needs to explain why he was willing to do this.”

Tapper’s tweet was shared by CNN’s Chief Political Analyst, Gloria Borger, and other CNN staff members.

“I don’t think he’s trying to be funny,” Borger tweeted.

“But he’s not happy with the response.”

CNN’s @JakeTapper says President Trump did not mean to be ‘mean’ to CNN reporter, but “this is not a joke.” pic.twitter.com/0eQ0Q2fNm6 — Gloria Borgberg (@GloriaBorg) January 15, 2021 Trump’s comment about hacking “the emails of a political opponent” came at the beginning of a press briefing on Monday.

During a question-and-answer session, CNN senior political analysts Jake Tapping and Gloria Boraggers said Trump was “telling us what Russia did in the first place.”

Borger said Trump “doesn’t like being told what Russia has done,” adding that Trump “would have said that” about the hacking of the Democratic National Committee emails.

Tapper said Trump wasn’t trying to “mean it” and that he was just trying to get the question answered.

“There’s no sense in the way you say it,” Tapper told reporters.

Borger noted that Trump was saying he wasn’t sure what Trump meant by the hacking “of a political adversary.”

Tapping said Trump is “really frustrated” by the response to his question.

“That’s not a good look,” Tapping told reporters in the briefing.

“You can’t be mean about this.”

Boragger said the president wasn’t even asking a question.

She said that while she “thought it was funny” that Trump called the hacking an act of political sabotage, “I do think it was a pretty poor way to answer a question.”

CNN senior politics analyst Jake Trask, meanwhile, said Trump didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

“He just wants us to believe that this is not just Russia, that Russia hacked the emails of his opponent and stole the votes from millions of people,” Trask told reporters on Monday morning.

“And it’s a big deal.”

Borgger added that Trump didn’st seem to have “the sense of humor that he’s accustomed to.”

“This is a very serious question,” Boragberg said.

“It’s not meant to be mean.”

Borggers tweeted that Trump wasn “trying to be very funny” and not “being mean.”

She said she didn’t “get it” at first, but that Trump seemed to get it and that she “could understand why he’s upset.”

“He’s trying not to take it personally,” Borghers tweeted.

She also pointed out that Borger was “a very good friend” of Trump, and added that she’s “disappointed” with her colleague’s reaction to the exchange.

“To call me a ‘friend’ for asking a very real question about the Trump administration is like saying I’m a friend to the person asking the question because I asked a question,” she tweeted.

The tweet was also shared by Borger and several CNN staffers.

Trump has said that Russia’s actions in the election were “a big deal,” that it was “just Russia doing their thing” and said the DNC emails were stolen by “Russian spies.”

The Republican president has repeatedly called on the Obama administration to investigate Russia’s role in the hacking.

“Russia hacked our elections.

It’s just Russia doing the hacking,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Iowa last year.

“If Russia did this, they’d be doing it on behalf of Hillary Clinton.”

In March, Trump said the FBI is “investigating” Russian meddling in the campaign, adding that it could “be a lot worse.”

In an interview with ABC News on Sunday, Trump suggested that “nobody has more influence” over him than former FBI Director James Comey, who has been fired by the president.

“When you look at Comey, and I’m not talking about the guy that’s retired, he’s probably a lot better than I am,” Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

“Nobody has more control over me than Comey, because Comey is a friend of mine.”

Tappers and Boraghers also responded to Trump’s tweet.

Boragers said the President’s tweet did

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