• September 21, 2021

How to avoid being sued over your personal injury claim

You don’t need to hire an attorney for a claim against an employer or a company, but you do need to be aware of potential liability issues, especially when the situation is more serious than most employers realize.Here are some things to keep in mind: The most common types of lawsuits and how to avoid…

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A new insurance scam may be driving some people to death

The new insurance industry is exploding.Insurance companies are selling more policies, but there’s still a huge amount of overlap in the policies and the terms and conditions.If you don’t know the difference, you might end up with the same policies for life.Here are a few things you need to know.1.There are two major types of…

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How the US has fallen behind Europe in the fight against Ebola

The US has been slow to get to grips with the Ebola outbreak, with its own health and safety infrastructure largely unable to cope.The country has been plagued by an outbreak that has killed more than 7,500 people and forced more than 1 million people from their homes, leaving many without access to healthcare.Since the…

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Two insurers are under investigation by the FTC for selling a product they didn’t require the customer to use

FourFourtwo title Two insurance companies are under federal investigation for selling products they didn ‘t require the client to use.Insurance regulators are investigating two large insurance companies for marketing products that did not require consumers to buy a premium plan.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Friday it was investigating two companies for allegedly marketing products…

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How to keep your Epremium policies in the red

You can keep your coverage from expiring if you’ve bought your insurance through an epremiose insurance agency.This article covers the basics of how to manage your policies.Key points:Insurance is a major source of income for many Australians.There are many types of policies, with different levels of protection.You may want to consider whether you’re paying for…

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What you need to know about the latest Serie A transfer news

It’s been a busy few weeks for Italy’s top flight.The last time the Serie A title was contested in the summer of 2017, they lost to AC Milan 3-1 in a Champions League qualifier in Berlin.That was also the last time they were crowned champions, and it seems the same applies to the title race…

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UK insurers are selling epremia coverage for a fee

UPDATE: This article has been updated to include the UK’s Epremia Insurance Agency’s website.The article has also been updated with the company’s latest statement.Epremium Insurance Agency is an insurance agency that provides epremiaty insurance in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern Irish and South Wales.The insurance agency offers a range of epremias, including epoxy, resin,…

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How to find the best online insurance agents for your new job – A guide from the best companies in India

A new guide from Oxford Insurance Agency (OIA) will help you find the top agencies in India, including Oxford Insurance Agents, Oxford Financial Services (OFS), Oxford Insurance Agents India, and Oxford Financial Services India.OIA is an online marketplace that connects insurance companies with the best insurance agents across India.Oxford Insurance Agent India is an OIA…

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All Things Vaccine News, News, and More!

The New York Times today published a piece about an epidemic of coronavirus-related deaths that has left more than 100 people dead in New York City.The Times reports that the death toll is expected to rise, but the news is notable because it’s the first time the NYT has written about coronaviruses in the United…

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