• September 21, 2021

How a homeowner’s insurance agency helps homeowners cover their property losses

Insurance agency Jones Insurance Agency is helping homeowners protect their homes from the damage caused by Hurricane Florence.Jones is providing a home insurance policy to all homeowners who need it, even if they don’t own their home.The policy covers any loss caused by a hurricane and any damage from rain and wind.Jones says it is…

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When does home insurance become cheaper?

A little over a year ago, the Affordable Care Act became law.The mandate that most Americans have health insurance coverage became the law of the land, and insurers were suddenly facing a huge challenge: How to deliver coverage for all the uninsured?The insurance industry was already trying to figure out how to best handle the…

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How to set up auto insurance in your state

In a few days, you should be able to apply for a policy from any auto insurance agency.However, you will need to fill out the application with your name, address, and social security number and a copy of your drivers license or ID card.Before you sign up for a car insurance policy, it’s important to…

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Maryland homeowners insurance coverage increases as state faces health crisis

Maryland has seen a surge in insured home owners as a result of the health crisis. Maryland’s insurance commissioner said in a statement that the agency expects to see the number of insured homeowners increase by about 10 percent in the coming weeks.  According to the state’s Department of Insurance, there are more than 9,700 Maryland residents…

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When will we see your house insurance rates again?

You’re probably not going to be able to see the rates on your home insurance, but you can get an idea by going to your insurance company’s website and clicking on the ‘My Rates’ tab.The website will tell you the rate for the previous month and then the current one.If the current rate is higher…

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“Laissez faire” insurance company, homebuyers agency in Kentucky fined for selling ‘non-essential’ insurance

KY Homeowners Insurance Agency, which sold “non-necessary” insurance to its customers in Kentucky, was fined $500,000 by the state’s Department of Insurance.In a letter sent Tuesday, the department said the insurer violated the Kentucky Insurance Code, which states that insurance coverage must be non-essential.KY HOIA said it is “committed to maintaining a high standard of…

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How to protect yourself from ‘bizarre’ home insurance policies in the age of cyber attacks

With more than half of all homeowners insurance policies canceled due to cyber attacks, it’s no wonder many Americans are wondering whether they need to upgrade their policy to cover a hacker’s attacks.According to a new report from insurance provider H&M, the vast majority of homeowners insurance plans are “unwisely” taking a cybersecurity risk when…

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