• November 26, 2021

How to keep your home insured when it goes on sale

Homeowners insurance agent Martin’s Insurance Agency has offered some tips to help homeowners keep their home insured while they sell it.Here’s how to stay on top of home insurance sales, as well as when to apply for a loan, if you’re an agent and when you should consider a mortgage.1.Keep an eye on the house…

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Google Maps: The Best Way to Get Around the World

Google Maps has a new way to navigate the world, with the launch of a new app that lets you walk around in a more human-like fashion.With the new navigation feature, Google Maps is showing you the entire map in a new color, instead of the familiar red.The new map will be coming to all…

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When L.I.I.’s Laker won the NBA title, it was a moment of national pride for the state of Illinois

A few days after the NBA championship game, the Laker faithful had their moment of pride.The team won the title in the NBA Finals and went on to win two more titles, including one with a record of 6-11.For the most part, the franchise hasn’t seen much success, but for the most recent championship, it…

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Lincoln Insurance Agency Signs $1.6 Billion Deal With USAA – Business Insider

Lincoln Insurance Agency will acquire USAA Insurance Company, the company that manages the vast majority of the largest and most complex insurance policies in the United States, The Wall Street Journal reported.The deal, which could close as soon as Thursday, represents a $900 million windfall for the nation’s second-largest insurance industry.The combined company, which currently…

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