• September 10, 2021

When it comes to the insurance industry, the cost is high, but that’s what consumers expect from the best

Auto insurance is the biggest source of federal income taxes, and it’s still one of the highest in the world.But it’s also the least regulated, and consumers can be left in the lurch when it comes time to pay their premiums.Auto insurance companies are subject to many of the same rules as insurers, and that…

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How to protect your credit score from fraud: A guide to the latest trends

A security guard at a Texas insurance agency was caught by his security camera trying to defraud a victim of a medical expense.The insurance agency is investigating, according to ABC News, and the incident has now been reported to the Federal Trade Commission.The man was recorded telling the woman she was “lucky” because he had…

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How to get insurance coverage if you lose your job?

The job loss you’re talking about may be the result of a heart attack, cancer diagnosis or other life-threatening illness.But if you lost your job, you might be eligible for compensation if you were employed as a full-time or part-time employee.If you lost a job as an employee, you’re entitled to compensation, whether you’re unemployed…

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“Laissez faire” insurance company, homebuyers agency in Kentucky fined for selling ‘non-essential’ insurance

KY Homeowners Insurance Agency, which sold “non-necessary” insurance to its customers in Kentucky, was fined $500,000 by the state’s Department of Insurance.In a letter sent Tuesday, the department said the insurer violated the Kentucky Insurance Code, which states that insurance coverage must be non-essential.KY HOIA said it is “committed to maintaining a high standard of…

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UK insurers are selling epremia coverage for a fee

UPDATE: This article has been updated to include the UK’s Epremia Insurance Agency’s website.The article has also been updated with the company’s latest statement.Epremium Insurance Agency is an insurance agency that provides epremiaty insurance in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern Irish and South Wales.The insurance agency offers a range of epremias, including epoxy, resin,…

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How to find the best online insurance agents for your new job – A guide from the best companies in India

A new guide from Oxford Insurance Agency (OIA) will help you find the top agencies in India, including Oxford Insurance Agents, Oxford Financial Services (OFS), Oxford Insurance Agents India, and Oxford Financial Services India.OIA is an online marketplace that connects insurance companies with the best insurance agents across India.Oxford Insurance Agent India is an OIA…

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How to pay for your own car insurance quote

When you’re driving a car for the first time, you can’t really plan ahead.You just have to think of it as a journey.You can choose what to expect and then find the best car insurance company based on the details you provide.That’s because insurance companies can’t predict when you’ll need car insurance, or what kind…

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Why you need an insurance agent in Alberta

Insurance agents are everywhere in the province of Alberta.Many of them are employed by the insurance industry, and many are just plain old friendly.And they’re good at what they do.But where are they in 2018?This is a quick look at where you can get an insurance agency in Alberta, with some tips to get the…

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