• August 25, 2021

Google Maps: The Best Way to Get Around the World

Google Maps has a new way to navigate the world, with the launch of a new app that lets you walk around in a more human-like fashion.With the new navigation feature, Google Maps is showing you the entire map in a new color, instead of the familiar red.The new map will be coming to all…

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The truth about the man who got away with stealing $10,000 worth of insurance

PAYCHX has come under fire for a number of reasons.The company has been accused of providing cheap and often unreliable insurance coverage for companies, and it is also accused of misleading customers into signing up for insurance.As well as being the latest example of the Australian insurance industry’s poor record, the story has also put…

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Life insurance company paid $10M in settlement over false claims

Life insurance giant Paychex has agreed to pay $10 million to settle allegations that it was mis-reporting its life insurance policies to insurers and underpaying consumers, the company said in a statement Friday.The settlement is the latest in a string of lawsuits that have accused the company of misleading consumers about its life and disability…

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YoungInsurance Agency says it will no longer sell insurance to people with pre-existing conditions

YoungInsurer has agreed to sell insurance products to people who have pre-conditions.The company announced the decision Thursday, a day after it announced it was closing its Houston office and suspending plans to expand in the city.YoungInsurance said it would no longer offer insurance products that cover pre-existing conditions, including people with certain chronic conditions.The decision…

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Forbes says Forbes’ Forbes 100 will be the highest ranking list ever created for a Forbes.com story

Forbes, the company that runs Forbes.net, has announced that the most influential list on the web will be unveiled on Monday.According to the company, the list will be ranked by the Forbes 100, the number of readers who voted in a poll last week to determine the top 10.The list will then be published on…

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How to get insurance coverage for a job you want to do as a goatherder

The goats insurance company that was the first to offer goats insurance to its employees was also the first company to offer goatherders coverage.The goatherding business has grown over the past 10 years to include some of the country’s largest and most prominent companies, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy.But goats aren’t just a popular…

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What to know about Apple’s new payment system

The Apple Pay mobile app will require you to tap an Apple Pay barcode before making a payment.That means that your card is now going to be in a state of “touch-and-go” when you tap your card.Apple Pay is designed to work on your device, and you won’t be able to tap your cards until…

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Why Lee Insurance Agency won’t allow its employees to sell their home for insurance

Lee Insurance Co. is facing an uncertain future as it struggles to pay its employees and find money to pay suppliers.Lee said Monday it would not allow its staff to sell or rent their homes to cover expenses, including for a home mortgage and insurance, to cover employees.Employees would be able to purchase insurance on…

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