• November 26, 2021

How to keep your home insured when it goes on sale

Homeowners insurance agent Martin’s Insurance Agency has offered some tips to help homeowners keep their home insured while they sell it.Here’s how to stay on top of home insurance sales, as well as when to apply for a loan, if you’re an agent and when you should consider a mortgage.1.Keep an eye on the house…

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What do you know about costco?

Costco insurance is the insurance company that operates the costco chain of stores and services.In addition to its own stores and retail stores, it also operates a number of affiliates and subsidiaries.Here’s what you need to know about the company, its subsidiaries and the different areas it operates.1.What is Costco?Costco is a subsidiary of the…

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How to avoid being sued for copyright infringement by an insurance company

A Houston insurance company is offering to buy a home to protect people who have been accused of copyright infringement.Hogan & Bacon, which owns the KFC, the Chili’s, the Wendy’s and the Pizza Hut, has been buying properties for nearly two decades to help protect people whose homes have been the target of copyright claims.They’re…

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When you get hit with an insurance premium you need to know what to do

When you’re hit with a big premium you might be wondering what to expect.That’s because it’s the cost of your insurance policy that will make it higher.And what’s worse, you may be unaware of the way your insurance company is collecting that premium.What’s a commercial insurance company and what’s a medical insurance company?Commercial insurance companies…

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Forbes says Forbes’ Forbes 100 will be the highest ranking list ever created for a Forbes.com story

Forbes, the company that runs Forbes.net, has announced that the most influential list on the web will be unveiled on Monday.According to the company, the list will be ranked by the Forbes 100, the number of readers who voted in a poll last week to determine the top 10.The list will then be published on…

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How to find a renter insurer

You’re probably not one of those people who want to take the plunge on a new car, and if you’re a renters insurance agent, you know how that works.But, you can now get a better look at what you can expect from renter insurers, and you might even get some of the benefits that you’ve…

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Israeli authorities: Man who left Israeli border with Gaza on foot dies in Jordan

An Israeli man who left his border with the Gaza Strip on foot has died, Israeli authorities said on Monday.Sara Zaki was a resident of the northern Israeli city of Haifa, near the Palestinian-controlled border with Egypt.Israeli authorities said she died at a hospital in Beit Lahiya, north of Gaza City.She was 47.Zaki had been…

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New survey reveals that only one in five Australians thinks insurance companies should pay more for policies with pre-existing conditions

Business Insider UK – 3rd September 2018 – The results of a survey commissioned by the Insurance Bureau of Australia (ABA) have revealed that only a third of Australians believe insurance companies will be able to negotiate lower premiums for policies containing pre-existing conditions.The survey of 3,200 people was conducted between January and March 2017.The…

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