• October 20, 2021

Which insurance company is better for you?

AUSTIN — — There are few differences between the companies at the top of the health care world, but the ones at the bottom are starting to make a difference.For instance, insurance brokers say they are seeing more patients with cancer than ever before.The Affordable Care Act also appears to be driving more people to…

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Taylor Insures Texans With Homes Insurance

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.– Taylor Insurance Agency said Wednesday it will offer homeowner policies for Texans with homes insurance that cover damage from tornadoes.The Texas Insurance Department said Taylor is the first major insurance company to offer homeowners policies that cover tornadoes insurance coverage.Travis County officials said Tuesday that more than 1,000 homeowners are covered by the…

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How to fix a taylor insurer, which was already in trouble

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— The Insurance Department has launched an investigation into how Taylor Insurance Agency was already struggling to get insured in Florida after it went bankrupt and laid off nearly all of its employees in December.The company, which is a subsidiary of the private-equity firm Colony Capital, is one of the state’s biggest insurers, covering…

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How to get coverage from your insurance company

By now, you’ve probably heard of your health insurance company.They offer you coverage through their website, and they’re usually pretty good about making sure you get what you want when you sign up.But, in some cases, you may have to wait until your insurance policy is up to get the coverage you need.And that’s when…

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When to use an ambulance and when to use a car insurance policy

When you’re at home or traveling, be sure to take your family and belongings with you.That means you need to be prepared for emergency vehicles that may be on the road or near the road.To help you stay safe, we’ve compiled a list of the most important points to remember when it comes to auto…

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What’s happening with Peoria insurance agency?

Peoria is in a difficult spot, with the city looking to close its insurance agency and the city government trying to close the Peoria Police Department.In the past week, there have been multiple reports of a Peoria police officer shooting an unarmed man.A Peoria man was killed in a traffic accident and police are investigating.The…

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YoungInsurance Agency says it will no longer sell insurance to people with pre-existing conditions

YoungInsurer has agreed to sell insurance products to people who have pre-conditions.The company announced the decision Thursday, a day after it announced it was closing its Houston office and suspending plans to expand in the city.YoungInsurance said it would no longer offer insurance products that cover pre-existing conditions, including people with certain chronic conditions.The decision…

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