• September 26, 2021

What’s Next for Alabama Insurance Agents and Agents’ Association

A few weeks ago, Alabama insurance agents and their union, ALIA, agreed to a tentative contract agreement.The contract includes some major changes, including a $2.3 million salary increase for members, and a $5 million cut in dues.ALIA and its representatives have long been on the losing end of a contentious state law that requires the…

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How to calculate car insurance premiums

How to figure out how much car insurance you’ll need to buy in 2018?When you think of car insurance costs, it might seem like a daunting task.But if you’re just starting out, you might have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for car insurance coverage, and many car insurers don’t cover every type…

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Two insurers are under investigation by the FTC for selling a product they didn’t require the customer to use

FourFourtwo title Two insurance companies are under federal investigation for selling products they didn ‘t require the client to use.Insurance regulators are investigating two large insurance companies for marketing products that did not require consumers to buy a premium plan.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Friday it was investigating two companies for allegedly marketing products…

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How to buy a house for Rs 7,000

A house for only Rs 7.25 lakh, the costliest house in the city, was sold by the agency Hamilton Insurance Agency on Thursday for a record-breaking Rs 17.75 lakh.The house, which is located in Durgapuram in Mumbai’s Kheri Nagar, was listed for auction in February, but it sold on Thursday.The property, which has a four-room…

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When does the Trump administration start issuing subsidies for ObamaCare coverage?

Trump administration officials are poised to roll out subsidies to buy insurance across the country in what will be the first major effort by the administration to try to stabilize the Affordable Care Act since it went into effect more than a year ago.The effort, expected to be formally announced Wednesday, is expected to come…

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How to choose a new insurance company in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY — If you have coverage from an Oklahoma insurance company, you may have a choice of insurers.Oklahoma’s insurance commissioner has put together a list of companies that can choose from, including companies that have been offering coverage to some of the state’s most vulnerable people.Insurance Commissioner John Anderson said the list of the…

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How to get a job, get a credit card, and get a car from a job interview

What to expect during the interview: The job interview process can be a little daunting.How do I get an interview?How do you know if you should apply for a job?How to prepare?What to bring to the job interview?These are some of the questions that we ask of candidates when we apply for jobs.What we want…

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How to get an affordable health insurance plan without a prescription

New Delhi: There are many ways to buy health insurance in India without a doctor’s prescription, but a company called Universal Insurance Agency (UIA) has created an app that gives the user the option to buy from a trusted provider, such as a doctor or hospital.UIA CEO Rahul Khanna told Reuters Health the app is…

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