• October 31, 2021

When Will It Stop? Will it Stop? White Insurance Agency Gets a Huge Deal From Trump

In an effort to get its insurance premiums to skyrocket, a major insurer in Kansas will get $1.2 billion in taxpayer-backed loans from the Trump administration.The federal government is funding the loan through the federal government’s Community Reinvestment Act program, known as the “skinny budget.”The loan was announced on Thursday, and it is expected to…

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Which insurance companies are offering cheaper coverage?

3:30pm:The US government on Monday unveiled a new plan to reduce the costs of coverage in an increasingly complex and expensive healthcare system.The US Department of Health and Human Services announced that it will cut the cost of coverage for individuals and families by $7,400 per year, a plan it hopes will reduce the burden…

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How to choose the best health insurance quotes in the US

With insurance companies increasingly shifting to charge higher premiums for people with pre-existing conditions, a lot of consumers are now wondering what their next steps should be.For those of us who have been through a pre-payment nightmare, the answer is probably to get insurance through a company that offers policies that do not charge premiums…

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Will Williams Insurance Agency is buying insurance agency for $1.6bn

Will Williams is set to buy insurance agency agency for around $1 billion, with a focus on “emergency management”.The investment will see the company’s global headquarters relocated to London and the company will be sold to the Australian Government.Mr Williams said the deal would also see the creation of a “core team of more than…

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Which of these two insurers are the best?

AUSTIN, Texas — With a team on the brink of a playoff berth and the prospect of a second consecutive Super Bowl, one of the country’s most respected insurance companies is making an aggressive bid to acquire the Austin American-Statesman.The Tribune reports that Bloom Insurance Agency, a major Austin insurer, is interested in buying the…

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How to get unemployment insurance in Queensland

An unemployment insurance scheme in Queensland will be closed after the state government announced the state’s unemployment rate would fall to 6.3 per cent next month.The state unemployment rate will fall from 6.4 per cent to 6 per cent, which is the lowest it has been since the start of the Great Recession.“I am very…

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How to spot a bad insurance company

A few years ago, when the market was at its peak, you could go to an insurer and pay for an automobile insurance policy on the spot.Today, you might not be able to.The reason is the market is no longer so healthy.As more consumers are choosing not to buy automobile insurance and insurers are offering…

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